Design Process:
Brand Analysis and Research: I studied Aviko's brand identity, product offerings, and target market to inform design choices and align with the brand's essence and audience expectations.
Content and Layout Planning: I carefully planned the content and layout for each marketing material, focusing on strategic product placement, engaging headlines, and clear calls-to-action.
Visual Design and Typography: I designed the rollups, brochures, and product catalogue using a cohesive color palette, bold typography, and mouthwatering imagery to showcase Aviko's extensive range of fries products.
Finalization and Print Preparation: After refining the design and receiving client approval, I prepared the final artwork for print, ensuring the highest quality output and consistency across all formats.
Through this design project, I crafted a visually striking and cohesive set of marketing materials for Aviko that effectively showcase their delectable range of fries products and elevate their brand presence.

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