Design Process:
Research and Inspiration: The design process began with thorough research on the sporting goods sector, identifying key players, trends, and visual elements associated with the industry. This phase also included studying RTB House's brand guidelines and color scheme, as well as gathering inspiration from sports-related design aesthetics.
Concept Development: Multiple design concepts were developed for each marketing channel, taking into account the unique requirements and constraints of each platform. The concepts were reviewed and refined to ensure brand consistency and alignment with the sports theme.
Design Execution: The chosen concepts were translated into polished designs for the landing page, social media, email marketing, and other platforms. The designs incorporated the RTB House color scheme while seamlessly integrating sports-related visuals to create a distinctive and cohesive look across all channels.
Implementation and Monitoring: The final designs were implemented across the various marketing channels, and the campaign's performance was closely monitored to measure its effectiveness and gather insights for future improvements.
Key Visual:
Examples of LinkedIn static posts:
Landing page design:
Examples of LinkedIn carousel posts:
Paperflite articles design:
Design Outcome:

The resulting ABM campaign featured a cohesive design system that effectively captured the essence of the sporting goods sector while maintaining RTB House's brand identity. The sports-themed visuals, combined with the brand's color scheme, created a compelling visual language that resonated with the target audience and successfully communicated RTB House's value proposition.

The campaign's success can be attributed to the careful attention paid to creating a consistent design language across multiple platforms and ensuring alignment with both the RTB House brand and the sports theme. This project highlights the importance of thorough research, thoughtful concept development, and skillful execution in creating a visually appealing and effective ABM campaign.

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